Snooping in Modi land

Print edition : January 10, 2014

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. He paid no heed to established convention in setting up his commission of inquiry into the snooping scandal. Photo: PTI

Girish S. Singhal, Superintendent of Police, allegedly did the snooping. Photo: PTI

Amit Shah, then Minister of State for Home, allegedly ordered Girish L. Singhal to watch an IAS officer and a young woman known to Modi. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

Pradeep Sharma, the IAS officer who was allegedly spied on. He has since been suspended. Photo: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP

The Narendra Modi government will have egg on its face if the Government of India were to set up a commission of inquiry with terms of reference that fill the gaping loopholes in his Commission.

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