Vyapam scandal

Scam country

Print edition : August 07, 2015

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. His name has come up during investigations, but the BJP insists he is innocent. Photo: A.M. FARUQUI

Governor Ram Naresh Yadav. His son was an accused and died in mysterious circumstances. The Raj Bhavan has come up during investigations as a source of recommendations for candidates. Photo: A.M. FARUQUI

Image 1: A chart recovered by the STF from Nitin Mohindra's hard disk. Leaked by the whistle-blower Prashant Pandey, it shows candidates recommended by the Chief Minister. The roll numbers against the Chief Minister's candidates have been scrubbed out in most places. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Image 2: The last three names (No. 15 Varsha Singh Tomar, No. 16 Jitendra Singh Rajput, No. 17 Priyanka) in the chart, recovered by the STF and leaked by Prashant Pandey, show that they were recommended by the Chief Minister. No. 2, Vandana Garg, and No. 6, Preeti Choudhary, were also shown as the Chief Minister's candidates. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Image 3: This document was allegedly fudged and produced in court by the STF. The three names that appeared last in Image 2 are here listed as Nos 25, 26 and 27 and shown as recommended by Uma Bharati. The change in serial numbers notwithstanding, the roll numbers and the order of the names are unchanged. Likewise, Vandana Garg at No.6 is recommended by some M/S and Preeti Choudhary at No. 16 is shown as Rajbhavan's candidate. Such fudging happened in 64 places. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

The Sangh Parivar stands exposed in the VYAPAM scam in Madhya Pradesh, probably India’s biggest corruption scandal going by the extent to which it has undermined the institutions that hold civic life together.

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