Ambedkar's critique

Return to which home?

Print edition : January 09, 2015

Dalits worshipping the buffalo before participating in a conversion ceremony at Balmiki Ashram on the occasion of the 112th birth anniversary of Ambedkar, in Chandigarh in April 2003. The converts, mostly scavengers, vowed to worship the buffalo instead of the cow. Photo: PTI

B.R. Ambedkar. The caste animosities within orthodox Hinduism provided the context for his conversion to Buddhism in 1956. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Boys in prayer before a Buddha image at a conversion programme orgainsed by the Karnataka Dalitha Sangharsha Samiti at Ambedkar Bhavan in Bangalore in October 2008. Photo: The Hindu Archives

B.R. Ambedkar’s critique of Hinduism before he embraced Buddhism remains valid even today.
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