Kyasanur Forest Disease

Viral challenge

Print edition : March 01, 2019

Vaccine being administered to prevent Kyasanur forest disease in Shivamogga district on December 31, 2018. Photo: VAIDYA

Haemaphsalis sp.

Ixodes sp.

Ornithodorus tick.

A troop of langurs. Adult ticks are occasionally found attached to sick and dead monkeys.

The common shrew.

Rhinolophus rouxii.

A team of experts observing ticks on a rat in the Tirthahalli forest area of Shivamogga district on January 20. Photo: VAIDYA

With Kyasanur forest disease reappearing in new territories, an intensive scientific study is needed to know how the virus enters the forest ecosystem of the small mammals-tick-monkey-man cycle from the closed bat-tick-bat cycle.
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