Now here and nowhere

Print edition : November 13, 2015

A group of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees who arrived by boat at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu in January 2006. Photo: AP

A group of Tamil refugees at the Tiruchi airport on February 26, before they returned to Sri Lanka. Photo: M. Srinath

At a play school inside the camp.

A notice warning people that the area is out of bounds for outsiders.

A government higher secondary school for girls in the camp.

A house in Rajapalayam with perimeter fencing reminding one of houses in Jaffna.

Refugees at the Mallankinaru camp.

A long row of houses in Mallankinaru.

A crumbling colonial-style bungalow at the Mandapam refugee camp.

The condition of the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in camps in Tamil Nadu, the question of their nationality, and their repatriation to their homeland or the country of their choice are problems that need to be addresed urgently in order to instil a sense of belonging in them.

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