Land Acquisition: Jharkhand

Losing in India

Print edition : August 18, 2017

The concrete road that will soon be used by coal-laden trucks servicing the NTPC coal mining project in Hazaribag district of Jharkhand. It is being built on land taken from farmers, many of whom have not given their consent and have refused compensation. Photo: AKSHAY DESHMANE

A warning to land sharks against brokering land deals, on a wall at Jugra in Hazaribag. Photo: AKSHAY DESHMANE

Bhagirati Sao at work in Jugra village. Like many others in the village, he has refused to accept compensation for the land that he lost to the road being built by the NTPC. Photo: AKSHAY DESHMANE

A flag march by Rapid Action Force jawans in Hazaribag after last October’s police firing on demonstrators protesting against the NTPC project. Photo: Manob Chowdhury

While the Chief Minister dreams about the heights that he hopes Jharkhand will achieve, the farmers who stand to lose their land to make way for industrial projects are worried.

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