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In a nutshell

Print edition : Aug 16, 2022 T+T-

In a nutshell

All new recruits from 2022 to be called Agniveers and taken in on four-year contracts

At the end of the contract, all temporary conscripts will be issued a certificate and severance package

A maximum of 25 per cent will be selected to continue in service, but they have to re-enrol

The first four years of service will not be counted for seniority, pension, or gratuity

Agnipath scheme significantly reduces intake: from an average annual intake of 60,000 to 46,000

Scheme is being pushed as enabling a younger armed force while reducing spiralling Defence budget

It is also in line with global defence trend of less manpower and more tech

Scheme is criticized for reducing permanent defence jobs at a time of high unemployment

Discharged recruits with army training might fill the ranks of private militias