Gunning for Dhanush

Print edition : November 10, 2017

Dhanush, the 155 mm .45 calibre artillery gun, during winter trials at Leh. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

User exploitation trial of Dhanush at Leh. According to OFB officials, "over 1,200 rounds have been fired as part of the user exploitation trials". Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

The Bofors gun in the Drass sector in Jammu and Kashmir. A file picture. Photo: KAMAL NARANG

Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers being manufactured at the OFB plant in Medak, Telangana. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Dhanush, the flagship indigenous artillery gun, is mired in controversy with the Ordnance Factories Board, its maker, and the Army exchanging accusations over its quality.

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