Glorious past, perilous present

Print edition : July 21, 2017

The iconic Arts College building, which was declared a heritage monument in 1998. Photo: The Hindu archives

During the three-day centenary celebrations at the university in April. Photo: Kunal Shankar

The dome of the facade. Photo: Kunal Shankar

Doctoral students of the chemistry department complain of inadequate supply of samples and obsolete or faulty equipment. Photo: Kunal Shankar

The classrooms in the arts college are well-ventilated and have two entrances. In the early years, men and women used separate entrances. They were also separated by a purdah. Photo: Kunal Shankar

Inside the arts college, built between 1934 and 1939. Photo: Kunal Shankar

Anwar Moazzam, retired head of the Islamic Studies Department. Photo: Kunal Shankar

The original emblem with phrases in Urdu and Arabic.

The present emblem of the university. Photo: by special arrangement

The foundation stone located at the bottom right corner on the entrance facade of the arts college. The plaque commemorates the beginning of work on July 5, 1934 and mentions the official title of Nizam Osman Ali Khan. Photo: Kunal Shankar

At 100, Osmania University, which began with Urdu as the medium of instruction, is a crumbling institution whose foundations are being corroded by all-round neglect.

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