Amendments to labour laws under the Modi government: No love for labour

Print edition : August 16, 2019

A protest rally by the Joint Committee of Indian Trade Unions in Bengaluru on January 8 against the Centre’s proposed labour law reforms. Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy

Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, speaking in the Budget session of the Lok Sabha on July 1. Photo: PTI

Bandaru Dattatreya, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, with trade union leader Gurudas Dasgupta during the inauguration of the 46th Indian Labour Conference in New Delhi on July 21, 2015. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

The second Modi government has begun its march against workers’ rights by introducing Bills that seek to merge existing laws, brazenly dismantle labour protection and give industry a free hand.
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