Not above the law

Print edition : May 24, 2019

Justice Ranjan Gogoi taking oath as the Chief Justice of India at the presidential palace in New Delhi on October 3, 2018. Photo: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP

The Supreme Court of India. In-house proceedings in the Supreme Court, action under the Vishakha law and informal interventions are not a substitute for criminal investigation and prosecution. Photo: SHIV KUMAR PUSHPAKAR

Judge Samul Kent. In May 2007, a woman employee of the Federal District Court in Texas filed a judicial misconduct complaint against the judge.

Sir Stephen Richards. He was arrested in January 2007 and relieved of judicial duties. Photo: Getty Images

Justice Lionel Murphy. He was tried and convicted of the crime of “attempting to pervert the course of justice”. Photo: Wikipedia

International experience shows that ensuring ordinary criminal accountability for judges for crimes they are alleged to have committed will strengthen the judicial institution.
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