Discovery of Mysore rockets

Striking legacy

Print edition : November 23, 2018

Rudrappa Shejeshwara, the curator of the Government Museum (Shivappa Nayaka Palace), Shivamogga, showing the rockets. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

Rockets various sizes and the tool used to stuff the silk wick into them. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

A cache of Mysore rockets stored in the museum in Shivamogga. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

A cross-section of a rocket showing the space where the fuse would have been attached. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

A view of the museum in Shivamogga. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

The discovery of 1,700 Mysore rockets belonging to the 18th century gives a fillip to the argument that Tipu Sultan was a progressive king who made great advances in arms technology and was a formidable bulwark against the British East India Company in south India.
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