Print edition : October 27, 2017

Yasmin Ara, a Rohingya girl in front of her shanty at a camp for refugees in Hyderabad, on September 18. Photo: AP/Mahesh Kumar A.

Camp number 15, built to accommodate Rohingyas fleeing Jammu camps because of alleged arson by the local Hindu communities there in May this year. Photo: Kunal Shankar

Muhammad Anwar, the interpreter for COVA. He is fluent in Hindi, as many Rohingyas are, because of Bollywood’s popularity in the community. Photo: Kunal Shankar

(From left) Muhammad Zubair, Ashiqullah, Sultan Ahmed and Muhammad Khasim, all residents of camp number two. Ashiqullah is Muhammad Khasim’s son and is studying in Class VI. Photo: Kunal Shankar

Hyderabad has the largest Rohingya settlement in the country after Jammu, with 4,000 refugees living in 17 camps. Driven out of their own country and then booted out of refugee camps in Jammu, these people face an uncertain future now that the government considers them a threat to national security.
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