Print edition : October 14, 2016

A November 2015 photograph of a baby born to a surrogate mother in Anand, Gujarat. The biological parents were British. Photo: Allison Joyce/AP

This baby, born to a foreign couple through a surrogate mother in India, ran into passport troubles when the parents divorced. Photograph taken in August 2008. Photo: AFP

A surrogate mother at a clinic near Anand town on September 1. Photo: Sam Panthaky/AFP

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at a press conference after the Cabinet approved the surrogacy Bill, in New Delhi on August 24. Photo: PTI

The surrogacy Bill sends out a conservative political message about what kind of families are culturally acceptable. A complete ban on surrogacy, on the other hand, would have marked a progressive shift from patriarchal notions of progeny.
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