May 20, 2005

Einstein's century

Print edition : February 06, 2015

Albert Einstein. Photo: The Hindu Archives

Einstein's famous equation E = mc2 in a manuscript written by the physicist in 1912. The autographed 72-page working manuscript was the earliest in which Einstein outlined his Theory of Relativity. Photo: Sotheby's/AP

The title page of the first issue of Volume 17 of "Annalen der Physik", published on June 9,1905. The table of contents at right lists Einstein's paper on the light quantum hypothesis. Photo: By Special Arrangement

In 1949, Einstein wrote a short note titled "Why Socialism?" in German, which was translated into English and published in the inaugural issue of "Monthly Review". Here, a reproduction of the first page from the draft of the note. Photo: Courtesy: The HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem

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