Gravitational waves

A vision vindicated

Print edition : March 18, 2016

Figure 1: The immense promise of LIGO-India in enabling localisation of gravitational-wave events in the sky and launching gravitational-wave astronomy. The grey banana-shaped patch spanning 2,500 moons is the current uncertainty of the localisation of the first discovery event. The small dark ellipse that is 100 times smaller shows the forecast uncertainty for a similar gravitational-wave signal when LIGO-India is operational.

Figure 2: Engineering concept design of LIGO-India at one of the shortlisted sites in India. Terrain data obtained from Space Applications Centre, ISRO (Courtesy: Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd., India).

The impact of LIGO-India will be multifaceted and would push the frontiers along each direction (LIGO-India proposal document, November 2011).

The LIGO-India project, which has been approved by the Union Cabinet, was a vision of the IndIGO Consortium, a multi-institutional multidisciplinary collaboration that now includes nine of the country’s leading scientific research institutions.
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