A step ahead

Print edition : June 28, 2013

At a government children's hospital in Allahabad on May 20, a child suffering from diarrhoea. Photo: SANJAY KANOJIA/AFP

National estimates are on the basis of United Nations estimates of live births (n = 27,311,155) and deaths in India during 2005. The under-five mortality data due to all causes are based on Million Death Study (MDS), 2001–2003, and data on mortality attributable to rotavirus are based on the Indian Rotavirus Strain Surveillance Network, 2005–2007. Overall value is weighted to the age distribution in the MDS. Cumulative proportion of all rotavirus-attributable deaths is as follows: <1 month, 8%; <2 months, 14%; <12 months, 47%; <24 months, 75%; <60 months, 100%. Mortality rate is deaths from RV diarrhoea per 1,000 live births.

India has successfully developed its first-ever truly indigenous vaccine, Rotavac, against the organism rotavirus that is responsible for many cases of diarrhoea. However, the Indian medical community is divided over the issue of including vaccines against rotavirus in the UIP.
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