December 14, 1984

A year of political upsets

Print edition : February 06, 2015

New Delhi, November 3, 1984: After lighting the pyre at Shativan, Rajiv Gandhi wtih his son Rahul, wife Sonia and daughter Priyanka. Photo: Raghu Rai

New Delhi, November 1, 1984: The body of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi lies in state at Teen Murti House. Photo: Raghu Rai

New Delhi, June 30, 1984: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi meets a delegation of Sikhs at home. Photo: JAN E CARLSSON/AFP

Amritsar, May 1984: Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale (centre) and his associates at the Golden Temple complex. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Amritsar, July 15, 1984: A part of the Akal Takht showing the damage caused to the structure during Operation Blue Star. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

New Delhi, November 1984: In a locality that witnessed violence during the anti-Sikh riots in the national capital in the wake of Indira Gandhi's assassination. Photo: The Hindu Archives

New Delhi, November 1984: At a refugee camp in Shahdara in Delhi following the anti-Sikh riots in the wake of Indira Gandhi's assassination. Photo: The Hindu Archives

Madras, September 2, 1984: N.T. Rama Rao, dismissed Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, at the airport on arrival with Janata Party president Chandra Shekhar (to his right), and L.K. Advani, Bharatiya Janata Party leader L.K. Advani, and dismissed Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Dr Farooq Abdullah (in the background). Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

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