A jewel in the desert

Print edition : March 29, 2019

Colourful ceramic tiles embellish the dun coloured architecture, breathing life into the structures. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

A map of Khiva in the museum. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

Tile designs on the wall of the Summer Mosque in Khuna Ark. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The streets are populated by traders enticing you with stunning ceramics and bric-a-brac. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

A medallion depicting a warrior in the Khiva museum. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The walled city of Ichan Kala. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

Another view of Ichan Kala. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The minaret of Juma Mosque. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

Well-preserved Khiva viewed from atop a minaret. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The fortress of Kunya ark, or old citadel. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The entire town has a feel of being an artificial construct, a sprawling museum under the open skies. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

A cobbled street.

The entrance to Kalta Minar. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The Islam Khodja Madrasah. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The imposing gates of Kunha Ark. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

Museum of music, Khiva.

Uzbek women in traditional gowns and headscarves. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

The contemplative statue of Al Khwarizmi at the square in the town centre of Ichan Kala. Photo: SUDHA MAHALINGAM

Khiva in Uzbekistan is a living museum of stunning architecture built on an ancient oasis town watered by innovative irrigation systems rising above sandy barchans.
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