Rugged Dolpo



Dolpo is synonymous with horses and mule caravans.
Steep rocky steps leaning over precipitous gorges are a part of the Dolpo experience.
The fresh white snow on the Baga La range merges with the emerald green of the forests, the indescribable blue of Lake Phoksondo and the brown cliffs of Dolpo.
A caravan on the shore of Lake Phoksondo.
The Phoksondo khola carves its way through ancient rocks.
A monastery on the shore of Lake Phoksondo.
This now-deserted village is the winter abode of the pastoralists who have moved up to higher summer pastures with their flocks.
Tarakot village. All villages perched on hillsides in lower Dolpo were fortified against invaders.
The main street of Dunai, the administrative headquarters of Dolpo.
Sisters at Dolpo.
Ringmo village after unseasonal April snow.
Image inside Bon monastery at Ringmo. Courtesy: Deborah Ribas Photo: Deborah Ribas
A row of chortens at the Ringmo monastery overlooking Lake Phoksondo.
An ancient chorten near the entrance to the monastery.
The gate of the monastery.
Image at Chhedhul gompa, at the confluence of the Tarap and the Barbung rivers.
An archway of silver birch framing the snow-covered Baga La peaks near Ringmo.
A yak and its calf. A herd of yak on the move is best avoided on the trail.