Lhasa, city of contrasts

A Tibetan mask.
Inside the Potala palace.
View of the city from the Potala palace.
Barkhor Square with the Potala palace in the background.
Tibetans performing circumambulation of Jokhang temple by prostrating all the way.
Prayer wheels at a temple.
The Muslim quarter in Lhasa.
Outside a mosque in the Muslim quarter. The architecture is a blend of Islamic and local traditions.
The Tibetan Museum.
In the museum, an ornamental conch shell used as a musical instrument.
An ancient string instrument on display.
Another exhibit, ancient rock paintings.
Savouring a moment of calm, a Tibetan nun in Norbulingka.
A Tibetan woman in a local shop.
Worshippers at Norbulingka.
A Lhasa street scene.
Local produce, herbs and dry fruits in Lhasa market.
A Chinese snack vendor in Lhasa.
A shop selling yak butter and other Tibetan delicacies.
Tea time in Lhasa.
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