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Nuclear deal

Print edition : Sep 21, 2007 T+T-

THE nuclear standoff with the Left is a clear test for the calibre, strength and will of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his government (Cover Story, September 7). He has the advantage of Sonia Gandhis support. The unprepredness of most political parties to face midterm elections also works out to his advantage.

A. Jacob Sahayam Thiruvananthapuram* * *

THE global nuclear scenario has changed. A number of countries are now manufacturing and stockpiling nuclear weapons. The concept of nuclear non-proliferation has no meaning anymore. In that context, the objection to Indias signing the nuclear deal is not justified.

G.E.M. Manoharan Coimbatore* * *

TO counter the Left argument against the nuclear deal, Kapil Sibal used polemics and played the China card (Their opposition is ridiculous). But one basic question remains unanswered: Why did India vote against Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency? Sibal says the Left is upset because India is getting recognition as a nuclear power. But should he not be upset about the farmers suicides in Vidarbha?

Prithwish Kolkata

AS a coalition, the United Progressive Alliance government should not take any major decisions without taking the Left into confidence (Deal and debate, August 24). Parliament should express the conscious voice of the people. Important decisions that have the potential of determining the destiny of the nation should be taken on the basis of consensus among all major political parties, which in turn should represent the opinions of the people.

Dr. Vitull K. Gupta Bhatinda, PunjabAttack on Nasrin

THE attack on Taslima Nasrin showed up the scary face of religious fundamentalism (The anger is against my ideas, September 7). Nasrin looks for publicity in attacking religion and exploiting religious sensitivities. But the attack on her was not justified.

Yasar Arafath P. Kozhikode, Kerala

NASRIN has failed to note how the living religions of the world work. Islam is an outstanding example of this process. She has, therefore, missed the point. No living religion of the world has ever tolerated interference in any form with its fundamentals. One appreciates Nasrins painful dilemmas. In her circumstance, the only thing that can help her is faith in God.

S. Singha-Chowdhury Howrah

THE interview was informative. The attack on Nasrin was distressing and the government is to blame for it. No religion teaches that people should kill in its name. God has not authorised anyone to defend Him through violence; he is strong enough to take care of himself and punish the wicked.

There are many people who criticise Nasrin without reading her books. In one of her books, she criticises the persecution of the minority community in Bangladesh: where is the harm in that? The attack on her is absolutely unjustified.

S.P. Sharma Mumbai* * *

THE attack on Nasrin was condemnable. However, in a democracy like India there is no place for comments or criticism against any religion. Nasrin should know that there are more places of worship in India than there are schools. It shows that religion plays a pivotal role in this country. She said in the interview that her mission is to fight for womens rights, secularism, humanism and human rights. Let her stick to those goals and not speak against peoples beliefs.

H. Syed Mathani Tiruchy, T.N.Nagaland

THE rebellious mood in Nagaland, where rebels have introduced a parallel administration, has increased New Delhis worries (Rebel rule, September 7). The parallel government can only indicate failure of the talks with the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isack-Muivah).

Waqar Usmani AligarhElite tongue?

LANGUAGE is a sensitive issue and needs to be tackled in a diplomatic way (Imperial legacy, September 7). The English language has come to be associated with the elite in India. This is why it is detested by many people. Delinking a working knowledge of English from acquiring a job as far as possible would send the right signal. English should be taught at every level even as due importance is given to the local languages.

N. Krishnamurthy New DelhiThe Iraq mess

A.G. NOORANI rightly condemns the United States invasion of Iraq (Reviving Iraq, August 24). But he seems to forget that Iraq was created by the other partner in the invasion, Britain. Its creation followed Britains reneging on the promise of a separate homeland for Kurds. The government that the U.S. invasion toppled had succeeded the minority Sunni regime foisted by Britain.

R.P. Goswami New DelhiANNOUNCEMENT

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