World-class telecom

Print edition : December 17, 2004

THE mission of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) is to provide world-class telecom services on demand using state-of-the-art technology. At present, BSNL Goa has more than 23,000 Internet customers. Large-scale expansion of broadband services is planned, targeting at least one million customers by December 2005 all over India.

BSNL is the only service provider that has made a sincere effort to bridge the rural-urban digital divide. BSNL Goa has already provided more than 55,000 Rural DELs and 388 village public telephones across the State. All the exchanges are networked with a customer care/billing management system; they have the integrated voice response system, the integrated fault repair system and the local network management system, with a call centre as the single point of contact.

BSNL Goa is surging ahead to provide ISDN services, intelligent services such as India Telephone Cards, toll-free numbers and multiple means for bill payment. It has already provided as many as 40,000 cellphone connections by erecting 30 Base Transmission Stations (BTS). Expansion of mobile services is in progress to double the customer base as well as to erect 50 more BTS' by next year.

BSNL Goa is committed to providing affordable services to its customers and customer satisfaction, it says, is top-most on the agenda. It is taking initiatives to upgrade its external plant through the creation of a pole-less network.

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