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Let’s talk about inflation (June 17, 2022)


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Satyajit Ray wrote 52 letters to ‘Jana’ over 16 years. Who was she?

Arts & Culture
An ongoing exhibition reveals yet another facet of Satyajit Ray, that of prolific letter writer, which opens a window into the uniquely vibrant mind o

Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing exposes the grave perils of reporting freely in Palestine

World Affairs
The killing of the Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli security forces and their targeting of the media in general are a testament to t
Fishing boats in Pasikuda, stationed owing to a shortage of fuel, on May 6. That was the day Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared an Emergency, for the second time in little over a month.

Sri Lanka: The stranded state

World Affairs
Sri Lanka has faced a series of misfortunes—the wrath of a 26-year-long civil war, a devastating tsunami, the Easter bombings of 2018, the spread of C

Expert Explains: What’s the remedy against rising inflation?

Lead Story
Growth is not the panacea it is held out to be because the truth is a severely skewed distribution of wealth and resources is counteracting all growth
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What explains the volatile stock markets in India?

Lead Story
The stock market has become volatile as a result of unprecedented inflation and the unexpected war in Ukraine.

Wheat crisis looming? Grim supply situation likely to hit Indian consumers

Lead Story
Given the grim situation surrounding wheat, the government is likely to further tighten the “targeting” of the public distribution system. Besides, th

CONTROVERSY | Is the Gyanvapi mosque case part of a push for something bigger?

Social Issues
While the moulding of the historically multireligious Varanasi’s image as a purely Hindu centre was a colonial scheme, pushing the Gyanvapi mosque cas

Ground Zero | Ukraine’s citizens long for peace and stability

World Affairs
Ukraine’s citizens, who have faced violence and strife since 2013’s Euromaidan, now just long for peace and stability. An exclusive first-hand report

Push comes to shove: Events leading up to Gyanvapi mosque survey raises questions

Social Issues
The events leading up to a local court’s order for a survey of Varanasi’s Gyanvapi mosque premises are of a piece with the Sangh Parivar’s actions so

Hard times ahead! Is the government concerned about inflation’s impact?

Lead Story
High global commodity prices, including of crude oil, the depreciation of the rupee, and supply chain breaks due to China’s ongoing lockdowns have all
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What’s to be done to tackle inflation? Focus on agricultural productivity

Lead Story
It is a mistake to assume that the cure for inflation in India can be the same as for the West. Rather than tweaking monetary policy, the government m

Expert Explains: Who is to blame for inflation in India?

Lead Story
Inflation in India is as much due to the Centre’s policies as it is to factors outside the country. Merely adjusting excise duties, as the government

The People speak: How the common Indian is suffering from inflation

Lead Story
Across the country, the little dreams and hopes harboured by the urban and rural poor are crumbling in the face of the remorseless march of inflation.

‘We are hopeful of a positive outcome’

Social Issues
Interview with Alok Kumar, international working president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.
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‘Shivling not mentioned in survey report’

Social Issues
Interview with S.M. Yaseen, Anjuman Intezamiya Masjid Managing Committee.

NFHS-5 findings: The good, the bad & the ugly

Data from the latest round of the National Family Health Survey make it clear that even as the country records significant progress in various paramet
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Book Review: B.N. Goswamy’s collection of essays revels in soulful conversations on art

B.N. Goswamy’s latest book, a collection of 125 essays selected from his fortnightly column “Art and Soul” in The Tribune, takes one on a voyage of di
Safdar Hashmi speaks before a performance, May Day 1988. Photo Eugene van Erven..jpg

Jana Natya Manch: 50 years of performing resistance

Arts & Culture
The street plays of Jana Natya Manch, the Delhi-based theatre group that turned 50 this year, remind us how a culture of open, free, and public perfor
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Book Review: ‘Gujarat, Cradle and Harbinger of Identity Politics’ maps the Gujarat model of communalism

This book of essays analyses the intersections between caste, class, politics and economy that turned Gujarat into a Hindutva laboratory and also trac

Corporate control over biodiversity? That’s what this new Bill would like to see

The Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill marks a significant shift from the democratic thrust of the existing law to one that favours corporate contr

Do you cook too much?

Every day, 3,20,000 eateries set out to serve 10,000,000 people in Bangkok across numerous narrow lanes.
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On the turtle’s trail 

The satellite-tagging of five Olive Ridley turtles marks the beginning of a milestone project in sea turtle conservation on the western coast of India

NFHS-5: Marking transformation in a billion lives

Data Stories
The most recent family health survey throws up a plethora of interesting data that offer a peek into the changes in a post-pandemic society, and point

EXCLUSIVE | P.T.R. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan: ‘Central banks are acting like politicians’

Lead Story
Interview with P.T.R Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Push for federalism: Supreme Court judgement in Perarivalan case shifts compass of judicial thinking

The judgment of the Supreme Court in the Perarivalan case has shifted the compass of judicial thinking, and it has come at a time when the federal fab

Congress fails to inspire hopes of revival despite Chintan Shivir’s lofty goals

The Congress’ Chintan Shivir had ambitious goals, but the follow-up actions on the resolutions do not inspire hope about a revival in its fortunes any

Kashmiri Pandits in J&K blame Narendra Modi government for targeted attacks

Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir blame the Hindu supremacist policies of the Modi government for terrorists making them targets of attack.

What does the Basavaraj Bommai government aim to achieve with changes in SSLC textbooks?

With the Karnataka Assembly election less than a year away, the actions of the Basavaraj Bommai government in bringing changes in SSLC textbooks sugge
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‘News today is political propaganda’

Interview with documentary film-maker Sandeep Ravindranath.

Charred lives: Fire in Delhi’s Mundka exposes criminal negligence of authorities

The massive fire in a factory in west Delhi that killed at least 27 workers exposes the criminal negligence practised by employers and governments tha