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Language imperialism (June 3, 2022)


Vaccine mandates

A shot in the arm: Supreme Court calls for review of COVID vaccine mandates

The Supreme Court calls for greater transparency and accountability in public health measures and directs all governments and organisations to review
Book Review

Book Review: Robert Buderi's 'Where Futures Converge' chronicles the transformative Kendall Square

Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is to life sciences what Hollywood is to movies. A new book traces the story of its transformation from a
Bihar political churn

Twists and turns: BJP and Nitish Kumar joust in Bihar

With the BJP trying to assert its supremacy in Bihar and Nitish Kumar neutralising its attempts with clear anti-Hindutva messaging and overt gestures
Excerpts of C.N. Annadurai's speech

When Anna warned of ‘relentless agitation’

Cover Story: Language Imperialism/West Bengal

West Bengal: Pushback against attempts of Hindi imposition likely

The BJP’s debacle in West Bengal in the 2021 Assembly election is also proof that any attempt to impose Hindi will face stiff resistance in the State.
Frontline Quiz

Frontline Quiz

COVID-19 Update

Central government rejects WHO’s estimate of India's COVID deaths

The Indian government has rejected outright the WHO estimate that COVID-19 caused 4.7 million additional deaths in the country in 2020-21 and question
The Economy

Reviving India’s beleaguered creative economy

The creative sector, which holds immense potential for employment generation and a healthier, happier population, suffered a body blow during the pand
Cover Story: Language Imperialism/ Tripura

Tripura: Concerns over Centre's proposal to impose Devanagari script for Kokborok

Lead Story
Tribal protests against the Central government’s proposal to impose the Devanagari script for Kokborok, the language most of the tribal people speak,
Book Review

Book Review: Laura T. Murphy's ‘Azad Nagar: The Story of a 21st Century Slave Revolt’ asks questions on the price of freedom

An interesting case study on the Kol people of Azad Nagar who bought their way out of slavery, this book talks of how revolutions can become fractured
Jammu and Kashmir

Mehbooba Mufti on J&K delimitation: ‘Disempowering Muslims’

Interview with Mehbooba Mufti, Peoples Democratic Party leader.

Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir: Divide to rule?

The mainstream parties in the Valley cry foul as the Jammu and Kashmir Delimitation Commission comes up with its recommendations, including six more A
Custodial death in Chennai

Spectre of brutality: Custodial death in Chennai shocks Tamil Nadu

Human rights
The custodial death of a Dalit youth in Chennai again sparks outrage and highlights the urgent need to humanise the police force.
'The Waste Land' turns 100

'The Waste Land' by T.S. Eliot: A poem of its moment

Tabish KhairLiterature
The significance of ‘The Waste Land’, which turns 100 this year, and the continuing appeal of T.S. Eliot’s oeuvre.

Raj Thackeray's 'loudspeaker' campaign targeting Muslims in Maharashtra backfires

Lyla BavadamCommunalism
Raj Thackeray’s attempt to regain political relevance by targeting Muslims through his loudspeaker campaign does not find any takers in Maharashtra.
Cover Story: Language Imperialism/Tamil Nadu

A history of resistance: Tamil Nadu's struggle against Hindi imposition

Political parties across the spectrum oppose the imposition of Hindi in Tamil Nadu. Anti-Hindi struggle in the State dates back to pre-Independence da
Religion & politics

The changing contours of Hinduism

Divya TrivediCommunalism
As the Hindutva project continues to import ideas of homogeneity from the Abrahamic faiths to strengthen the idea of a single identity for all Hindus,
Cover Story: Language Imperialism

Recognising territorial links to languages essential for Indian federalism

Lead Story
Territorial identification and recognition of languages has been an integral part of the federal structure of post-independence India. Policymakers an
Cover Story: Language imposition and North-East India

Centre's aggressive push for Hindi as North-East India's 'link language' threatens to expose ethnic fault lines

The Central government’s efforts to push Hindi as the link language has the potential to expose linguistic fault lines in the north-eastern region whe
Guest column

India: A linguistic civilisation

G. N. DevyLead Story
Unlike Europe, the speakers of hundreds of different languages in India agreed to belong to a single nation because the Constitution promised them fre

'Mi Vasantrao' captures the making of maverick classical vocalist Vasantrao Deshpande

The Marathi film Mi Vasantrao on famed classical singer Vasantrao Deshpande takes us into the very essence of his life.
Cover Story: Pasha Bhai

Dakhni Urdu rapper Pasha Bhai's quest for selfhood in Bengaluru

Pasha Bhai’s journey from the Muslim ghetto of Neelasandra to the posh clubs of Bengaluru is as much a story about his art as about Dakhni Urdu, the l
Cover Story: Language diversity

Lingua franca?: Controversy over Hindi puts focus on linguistic plurality

Ramesh ChakrapaniData Stories
A controversy surrounding the promotion of Hindi as a link language brings the issue of linguistic plurality back into the limelight.
Photo Essay

Living on the edge: Assam's Mising tribe

They are river people, whose lives ebb and flow with the waters of the Brahmaputra in a timeless rhythm. But now, hydroelectric projects and homogenis
Cover Story: Language Imperialism

The curious case of Urdu

Anando BhaktoLead Story
Cover Story: Language Imperialism

Audrey Truschke: ‘Attempts to impose Hindi not new’

Divya TrivediLead Story
Interview with Audrey Truschke, author and activist.
Cover Story: Language Imperialism

Language in education: There's power in multilingualism

Lead Story
To address the issue of language in education, we first need to abandon the elite concept of a ‘pure and standard’ language. All languages are equally
Cover Story: Language Imperialism

Linguistic imperialism: BJP pronouncements on promoting Hindi spark outrage

Lead Story
The BJP’s periodic pronouncements on making Hindi the single national language are proof of its inability to understand that India’s enormous linguist
Interview: Jignesh Mevani

Jignesh Mevani: ‘The BJP sees me as a threat’

Interview with Jignesh Mevani, independent MLA in Gujarat.
St. Petersburg Diary

On an emotional roller coaster

Guest Column

The Sedition Law: Landmark order

The recent Supreme Court directive that puts on hold Section 124 A of the IPC offers a ray of hope despite its weak wording. It acknowledges that the
World Affairs: The Phillippines

Philippines: Ferdinand Marcos Jr wins landslide victory in presidential election

World Affairs
With Ferdinand Marcos Junior and Sara Duterte Carpio, both children of leaders who had scant regard for human rights and the rule of law, recording la
World Affairs: Ukraine

The U.S.’ actions prolonging the conflict in Ukraine

World Affairs
Despite growing international calls for peace in Ukraine, the brutal conflict drags on, with the U.S. doing more to sustain the hostilities than bring
Sri Lanka Crisis

Gotabaya Rajapaksa: The making and unmaking of a President

R.K. RadhakrishnanWorld Affairs
Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned after the May 9 violence in Colombo, but his replacement, Ranil Wickremesinghe, looks more like part of the problem than a

Understanding the new ‘pan-Indian’ film

Besides slick marketing, there is clearly a certain narrative that explains the stupendous success of films such as ‘Baahubali’, ‘KGF’, ‘Pushpa: The R

The idea of Manto

On the 110th birth anniversary of Saadat Hasan Manto, a celebration of his writing, his ambiguous identity, and what he represents in a world torn apa