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COVER-black money

Monumental blunder

'Surgical strike' on black money


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Ramayanas of South and South-east Asia

The story of the Ramayana is enacted more often than any other story in the world.

A quester and his play

There is a critical need to free Raja Rao from the constricting political interpretations that have been imposed on him and see him for what he really

Grinding to a halt

Lead Story
The response to the Narendra Modi government’s sudden jolt to the country’s monetary policy ranged from adulation to shock.
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BJP deposits

Deposits before dark

Lead Story
In Kolkata, the BJP deposits in its bank account Rs.3 crore just before the demonetisation announcement, raising allegations of “selective leaking” of
Interview: Pronab Sen

‘Demonetisation does nothing to stop generation of black money’

Lead Story
Interview with Pronab Sen, Country Director for the India Central Programme, International Growth Centre.
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Demonetisation: Currency crisis

Wrecking the system

Lead Story
The liquidity crisis of unprecedented dimensions that the Modi government has unleashed shocks the economy, drives people to despair and ruin and thre
Rural India

Rural distress

Lead Story
To rural India, which is already reeling under multiple crises, demonetisation has come as yet another blow.
Business & industry

After the shock

Lead Story
The beating to cash-driven sectors like gold and real estate notwithstanding, Indian industry is gung-ho about the Prime Minister’s decision to dereco
Cauvery delta

Despair in the delta

Lead Story
Coming on top of a severe water crisis following a failed monsoon and the Cauvery deadlock, demonetisation has played a cruel joke on the farmers of t

Struggling to stay afloat

Lead Story
Fishermen in Tamil Nadu are hit hard as the cash flow dries up and people stop buying fish.

Choking a lifeline

Lead Story
Ruling and opposition parties in Kerala join hands to protest against what they see as a politically motivated move to destroy the cooperative sector
Western Uttar Pradesh

‘Cash bombs’ in rural U.P.

Lead Story
Times are bleak in the season of sowing wheat, mustard and lentil in western Uttar Pradesh.

Challenges to the global economy

In this tribute to their teacher, Prabhat Patnaik’s former students put together a volume that covers three major themes: the internal contradictions

Hazy winter

An unusual confluence of factors caused unprecedented pollution and smog in the Delhi region soon after Deepavali, and experts warn of a similar episo

Environment and business

The strength of the book is that it casts a wide net and looks at the interface between business and the environment over multiple sectors. Its weakne

Nuclear embrace

World Affairs
India and Japan sign a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement, strengthening the Washington-New Delhi-Tokyo axis to counter China’s growing clout in
U.S .Elections

Fig leaves and champagne

World Affairs
The American liberal media bemoan Hillary Clinton’s loss, but they do not, of course, bemoan the wanton death and destruction that she and her adminis
Interview: Thomas Franco, AIBOC

‘Banks have suspended all normal operations’

Lead Story
Interview with Thomas Franco, senior vice president, All India Bank Officers Confederation.
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All pain for the majority

Lead Story
The impact of the measures on the farming community, the poor and the lower middle classes was hugely underestimated by the political establishment,
Black money

Black in a new hue

Lead Story
The notion that replacing high-denomination currency will end the menace of black money only points to an unwillingness to tackle its truly menacing f
Short Story


Informal sector

Ruined livelihoods

Lead Story
More than 80 per cent of India’s workforce is in the informal or unorganised sector and has taken the full brunt of the demonetisation move.
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Cover story

Politics at its cynical worst

Lead Story
As people across the country queue up to gain access to cash, the politics of the demonetisation move reveals the utter cynicism of the ruling dispens
U.S. elections

To friends in the U.S.

World Affairs
We understand and empathise with you because in our own way we have been there. Do not be afraid: fear is what the newly powerful groups want to insti
U.S. Elections: Impact on Europe

Echoes of Trump

World Affairs
Trump’s election raises a number of questions for Europe, particularly around the extent to which his victory will impact the politics of the continen
U.S. Elections

Politics of refusal

World Affairs
The times demanded popular change. Donald Trump had an appeal to crucial voters in essential States who had been bludgeoned by the trade deals favoure
U.S. Elections

Far Right captures imperial homeland

World Affairs
All forces of the Right recognise Donald Trump as a soul mate. On issues of imperial wars, loyalty to Israel and confrontation with Russia and China,
South Korea

The President's friend

World Affairs
Protests against President Park Gyeun-hye of South Korea gain momentum in the wake of revelations of corruption and the vice-like grip an adviser had

Balochistan vs Kashmir

The pursuit of a tit-for-tat diplomacy will not get India anywhere because Balochistan and Kashmir are not on a par, legally and politically. The time
Paperless economy

Digital pipe dream

Data Stories
The digital infrastructure is so woefully inadequate that a paperless economy is a distant dream.