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Print edition : May 31, 2013

A blue-footed booby on Espanola Island.

A baby Nazca in Espanola.

A Nazca booby colony in Espanola.

A Nazca mother preening herself.

A Galapagos hawk in Espanola.

A yellow warbler on Floreana Island.

Yellow warblers in Floreana.

A yellow-crowned night heron in Bartolome.

A swallow-tailed gull in North Seymour.

Swallow-tailed gull.

A frigate in flight over North Seymour.

A pair of blue-footed boobies in courtship dance on North Seymour Island.

A magnificent frigate in North Seymour.

A magnificent frigate.

A baby frigate in North Seymour.

A mother frigate with her hatchling in North Seymour.

A baby frigate in North Seymour.

A frigate with his females, North Seymour.

A male frigate not yet courting, in Santa Cruz.

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