Spotting the leopard

Unlike tigers, leopards are agile and good climbers of trees. A leopard in Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu.
Leopards can thrive in any type of forest and are highly adaptable.
Curious, cunning and graceful.
The attractive coat of the leopard also lets it blend into the forest vegetation.
Leopards prefer to take their kill to treetops.
Photographers need cameras with telephoto lenses and lots of patience to shoot a leopard.
A leopard with distinctive patterns that was photographed in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Kerala recently. Photo: By Special Arrangement
Wildlife officals with a leopard killed by the Army after it was spotted in a residential area in Mir Bazar, Anantnag, 70 kilometres from Srinagar, on February 10. Photo: Nissar Ahmad
A male leopard that was trapped near Valparai, Tamil Nadu, in November 2011. It had attacked an eight-year-old girl. Photo: K. Ananthan
The leopard created panic in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, and attacked people in a hospital complex on February 23.
Leopard dodging hunters in a hospital complex in Meerut on February 23. Photo: AP
A policeman tries to charge the leopard with a stick at the hospital in Meerut. The animal managed to escape. Photo: AP
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