Breathtaking Botswana

Print edition : April 10, 2020

A bird’s-eye view of the magnificent Victoria Falls, which is on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Photo: Mike Johnsingh

A young male leopard, glowing in the golden light of the setting sun. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

One of the two sightings we had of a giraffe with its young. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

Five cubs playing with a massive lion, maybe their father, at Savuti. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

A Cape buffalo bull, a formidable but favoured prey of the lion. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

African wild dogs in the Moremi Game Reserve. The species is one of the four pack-hunting canids of the world. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

A plains zebra and a group of elephants. Photo: Mike Johnsingh

Trees debarked and killed by elephants. Their impact on the habitat is enormous. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

The acacia tree, on which the sociable weaver builds its nest, faces a great threat from elephants. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

Tsessbe antelopes, which weigh between 125 kg and 140 kg, are suitable prey for the lion. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

A roan antelope (male), a rare sighting. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

A greater kudu eating flowers of the Capparis species. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

The impala, the most graceful of Botswana’s 22 antelope species. Photo: S. Murali

The steenbok, one of the smallest antelopes in Africa, weighing in at 10 kg. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

The wildebeest is found throughout the country and is a favoured prey of the lion. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

The female waterbuck looks like a female sambar except that the latter has no white ring on its rump. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

An adult African elephant and a black-backed jackal at an artificial waterhole in Savuti. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

The support staff (from left), Teenage, Baker (driver and guide), GG and Gottyma, the cook. Photo: A.J.T. Johnsingh

A 700-kilometre drive through protected wildlife areas of the landlocked country in southern Africa provides a window to the varied range of animals there, perhaps like nowhere else in Africa.
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