Symphony on ice

Print edition : June 24, 2016

King Penguins, a moment of bonding, on South George Island. Photo: JON LANGELAND

Jon Langeland phtographing the chicks. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The playful ones prepare to glide down the iceberg or dive from the top into the waters. Photo: JON LANGELAND

King Penguins by the shore at sunset. Photo: JON LANGELAND

Penguins love to catch the waves. Photo: JON LANGELAND

On their bellies, a rare sight. Photo: JON LANGELAND

Gentoo penguins mating. Photo: JON LANGELAND

A Macaroni Penguin at its nest on a hilltop. Photo: JON LANGELAND

A King Penguin congregation at St. Andrew Bay. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The mother after feeding its chick. Photo: JON LANGELAND

A chick rejecting an imposter mother. Photo: JON LANGELAND

A Gentoo Penguin pair warm to each other.

A loner, in a pensive mood. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The elephant seal. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The fur seal. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The albatross, exhibiting its large wingspan. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The brown squa, one of the predators of the penguin. Photo: JON LANGELAND

Poking the mate with its beak. Photo: JON LANGELAND

The icy South Georgia island in the South Atlantic Ocean reverberates with the shrill call of penguins, the predominant wildlife species of the region. Text
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