Threats to the Deepor Beel

Sushanta Talukdar Photographs by Ritu Raj Konwar


Wild Asiatic elephants frolicking and foraging in Deepor Beel on the outskirts of Guwahati. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
Egrets in flight over the “beel” (lake). Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
A pair of ruddy shelduck. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
A flock of two male and three female cotton pygmy goose, or cotton teal. Photo: The Hindu
Some parts of the hill landscape of the wetland are getting denuded owing to stone mining and earth excavation. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
A flock of glossy ibis. Photo: The Hindu
A grey heron. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
Community fishing in the lake. A file picture. Unregulated fishing is threatening the lake’s ecosystem. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
Once abundant in the wetlands of the north-eastern region, the giant water lily is now found only in a few wetlands because of large-scale harvesting of its seeds by destroying the plant. A villager turns the leaf to collect the seeds, in Deepor Beel. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
According to the Assam Forest Department, the increased presence of human beings on the southern bank of the wetland may prevent the movement of wild elephants from the Rani and Garbhanga forests. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
The wetland area has been suffering from environmental degradation due to continuous encroachment and waste dumping. The Guwahati Municipality dump yard, located at Boragaon, lies in the eastern corner of Deepor Beel. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
According to experts, many fish species in Deepor Beel have become extinct and many are facing the threat of extinction because of continuous water pollution. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
Further alteration of the “beel” landscape can cause flash floods. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
The wetland ecosystem is disturbed by the railroad in its southern boundary. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
An elephant crossing a railway track running along Deepor Beel. Photo: AP
An seriously injured baby elephant, which was knocked down by a train in Deepor Beel. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
Two Asiatic elephants knocked down by a passing train. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
Unplanned urbanisation around Deepor Beel has reduced the original water spread area. Photo: PTI
(Right and far right) Rag pickers and a muster of greater adjutant storks at the garbage dumping site. Photo: RITU RAJ KONWAR
The rail and road corridors around Deepor Beel.