Connectivity corridors

Lifeline for tigers

Print edition : July 12, 2013

Probably the most charismatic wildlife species in India, the tiger has captured national and international attention for the efforts made in the country for its conservation. Photo: Sudhir Mishra

The sub-adult male tiger captured in 2006 in the Pench National Park was again photographed by a camera trap in May 2010 in the Kanha National Park. Photo: Ujjwal Kumar

An ambush of tigers at the Pench National Park. Photo: Indrajeet

One of the smaller and less populous villages that lie in a probable ecological linkage corridor. Photo: Sudhir Mishra

A long-ranging animal like the tiger needs forested corridors connecting its various habitats for its survival. Thus it is vital that such corridors connecting the Kanha, Pench, Phen and other nearby national parks, which are facing serious threat from human encroachment, are preserved.
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