Flying high in Thattekad

Print edition : October 26, 2018

Oriental darter. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

The Periyar river, picture taken in May.

Salim Ali crossing the Periyar in 1933, with his car mounted on two boats. Photo: Photo courtesy: Thattekad bird sanctuary

Sri Lankan frogmouth. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Malabar grey hornbill. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

R. Sugathan, a scientist at the bird monitoring cell, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary.

Red-whiskered bulbul. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Little cormorant. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Blue-faced malkoha. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Malabar grey hornbill. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Magpie Robin Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

White-cheeked barbet. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Malabar trogon. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Greater racket-tailed drongo. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Orange-headed thrush. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

Yellow-browed bulbul. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

A pair of Sri Lankan frogmouth. Photo: SUBASH JEYAN

The flimsy nest of the Sri Lankan frogmouth with the remains of an egg. The bird has only one breeding season in a year, during which it lays only one egg.

Brahminy kite. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Malabar parakeet. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

White-bellied blue flycatcher. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Flame-throated bulbul. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Golden-fronted leafbird. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Red spurfowl. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Red spur fowl (male). Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Jungle fowl. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

Brown wood owl. Photo: DR GIRIDHAR VIJAY

The ornithologist Salim Ali’s unscheduled stopover at Thattekad in 1933 made it the focal point of a bird survey, and 50 years later, he helped establish in this unique ecosystem with 14 different habitats Kerala’s first bird sanctuary.
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