The story of Naraikadu

Ian Lockwood
The gate at the entrance to the Dhonavur Fellowship at Naraikadu. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Amy Carmichael. She came to Tirunelveli in 1901 and went on to set up the Dhonavur Fellowship as a home for children from less fortunate circumstances.
Beginning the walk into Naraikadu through a dry deciduous scrub forest. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
Growing wild at Naraikadu. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Jewel house in Naraikadu. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Clock tower on the Dhonavur Fellowship’s campus, part of a unique architectural aesthetic. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
The upper parts of the Naraikadu stream in the dry season. Photo: Ian Lockwood
A Log book at Jewel House. The logs are an invaluable record of citizen conservation and science in the Western Ghats. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Dhonavur primary school doorway showing the influence of Chinese design. Photo: Ian Lockwood
The evergreen forest canopy. Photo: Ian Lockwood
The riparian forest and the Naraikadu stream. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
Jerry Rajamanian on new land. He is a third-generation community member. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
Michael of Naraikadu. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Ezekiel Deva Irakkam measuring rainfall. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
Hylarana temporalis. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
Dragonfly. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
Pycnonotus gularis. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Pit Viper. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Troides minos. Photo: Ian Lockwood
Yellow flower. Photo: IAN LOCKWOOD
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