Elephant corridors

A. Rangarajan
A tusker about to charge in Kabini, Karnataka. The spatial demands of elephants are large. Photo: K. JAYARAM
Elephant herd in quaint lighting, Kabini. The majesty of the huge mass moving against the backdrop of verdant forests invokes an image of eternal harmony set in nature's great rhythm. Photo: K. JAYARAM
Tusker in Kabini. Maintaining gene pool diversity is essential for this mammoth herbivore. Photo: K. JAYARAM
A sambar with its young, in Bandipur, Karnataka. Photo: K. JAYARAM
Elephant herd, Kabini. The Segur plateau is a majestic stretch of wilderness with a thorny dry habitat connecting it to the vast expanse of the Eastern Ghats and the Mysore plateau. Photo: K. JAYARAM
The vast congregation of elephants at Thekkady, Kerala, at the height of the summer is an awe-inspiring sight. Photo: T.N.A. PERUMAL
A tigress snarling, Bandipur. Photo: K JAYARAM
Sloth bear, Bandipur. Photo: k. jayaram
Leopard, Bandipur. Photo: K. JAYARAM
Indian gaur, Bandipur. Photo: K. JAYARAM
Hyenas occur in the forests adjoining Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu. Photo: DHARAM KHANDAL
Wild dogs in Bandipur. Photo: k. jayaram
Tusker on the move in Kabini. Photo: K. JAYARAM