The Marina moment

Print edition : February 17, 2017

At the Marina in Chennai on January 20, the fourth day of protests by students and youths against the ban on jallikattu. Photo: R. Senthil Kumar

A face-off between the police and the protesters who resisted attempts to remove them by moving close to the sea, on January 23. Photo: R. Ragu

Protesters pleading with the police after the crackdown on the protesters began on the Marina on January 23. Photo: L. Srinivasan

At the VOC Grounds in Coimbatore, support from students adn the public for jallikattu. Photo: J. Manoharan

A group of students shield a couple and their child from the police on the Marina beach. Photo: L. Srinivasan

A protest in Alanganallur near Madurai on January 15 by organisers of jallikattu and residents agains the ban on the sport. Photo: G. GNANAVELMURUGAN

Students from a city college perform a skit that highlighted corporate takeover of farmers' lands, the servility of the political leadership and other issues. Photo: L. SRINIVASAN

The jallikattu ban was only a trigger for the protest around Pongal on Chennai's Marina beach. Lakhs of people, most of them youths, gathered spontaneously on the sands in a carnival atmosphere as a collective response to the anti-people policies of the state.

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