Economic and ecological concerns

Running roughshod over livelihoods

Print edition : November 10, 2017

In arid regions such as Bundelkhand, farmers resort to Anna Pratha, a system where farmers "free" their domestic animals and unburden themselves in the process. A file photograph of abandoned cattle on NH-86. Photo: A.M. FARUQUI

Stray cows along NH 24 in the NCR. The goverment-run gaushalas have stopped taking in cows because they have reached their maximum capacity. Photo: SHANKER CHAKRAVARTY

Meat pieces being weighed for further processing and packing at a meat-processing centre in Kochi. India's meat industry employs approximately 22 million people. Photo: K.K. MUSTAFAH

Developments following the “cow protection” efforts of the government and other social organisations have not only crippled an already beleaguered livestock sector but also resulted in the proliferation of stray cattle, raising serious economic and ecological concerns.
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