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Print edition : November 11, 2016

Women of the Paharia tribe (designated as a particularly vulnerable tribal group, or PVTG) get ready to take home their monthly ration of 35 kg of rice in Dumka district of Jharkhand. A Supreme Court order mandates that all PVTG households should be given an Antyodaya card. With the implementation of the NFSA, the number of AAY cards has fallen in several States. Photo: REETIKA KHERA

Odisha provides two boiled eggs weekly as “take-home ration” for children in the six months to three years age group. This is a breakthrough initiative as children under three are too young to come to the anganwadi centre every day; nutritious “take-home ration” options were limited until Odisha’s initiative. Photo: REETIKA KHERA

The PDS, the ICDS and the MDM schemes constitute lifelines for a vast majority of the population. Maternity entitlements need to be seen both as a right for women and as instruments in the battle against undernutrition. A government that ignores or undermines them does so at its own peril.
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