Ray's Century

His creation, our inspiration

Print edition : November 05, 2021

Watching Satyajit Ray’s films brought nothing but wonder. His writings, his sketches and paintings still leave me intoxicated. A huge part of my life was spent reading his works and even today I love devoting my time to his creations.

One of my all-time favourite creations of Ray was Feluda. The character was really my heart-throb from the time I started reading the series as a child. So, in 2003 when my husband decided to produce films and I was given the responsibility of carrying out the new venture, I told him: “If I take up this task, I will start off with none other than a Feluda film.” My dream project was ultimately born in 2007. Produced by our team and directed by Sandip Ray, Kailashey Kelenkari was released.

Following the release of the film, our relationship with the Ray family became more than just a professional relationship, and as our bond got stronger, we started planning our next film on Ray’s stories. Gorosthaney Sabdhan was born out of our collective effort. With the love and support of Babu da (Sandip Ray) and Buni di (Lalita Ray), we now hope to bring out even better projects in the days to come. Without their support we would never have been able to realise our dream of producing a film on Ray’s works.

I remember the day I first entered Ray’s study. I do not have the words to express the thrill I experienced when I got to touch a few of the books he used to read, feel with my own hands the pen he used to write with, and gaze upon the chair on which he would sit and create his magic. In fact, with my eyes shut, I could imagine his very presence in the room.

We also brought out a calendar on the occasion of Satyajit Ray’s birth centenary this year. In this regard we have received support from Sandip Ray, who provided us with some wonderful photographs from his personal collection. I must mention here, that our son, Rishi, is also greatly inspired by Satyajit Ray’s creation, and is at present doing research to write a book on Ray. Here too he is being greatly helped by Sandip and Lalita Ray.

My most favourite film of Ray has to be Hirak Rajar Deshey. As a child I enjoyed it purely for its entertainment aspect, but as a grown-up, the deeper philosophy of life and the darker aspects of human nature and society are what fascinate me about the film. I have learnt that stalwarts like Satyajit Ray create to teach society for years to come. They create to improve lives, touch the world through moral values. Through the works of Ray, we learn to be responsible for the world we live in and dutiful to society.

Hence, “Maharaja, tomarey selam!”

Mou Roychowdhury

Co-Chairperson, Techno India Group

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