Interview: Alan Rusbridger

Into the brave new digital order

Print edition : August 07, 2015

In The Guardian newsroom in London, Alan Rusbridger announcing that the daily, along with The Washington Post, had won the Pulitzer for its coverage of the NSA revelations, in April 2014. Photo: David Levene

With former editor Peter Preston (right) on the steps of the High Court, London, after victory in libel case.

Interacting with students at Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. Photo: N. Ram

On the last day as Editor, packing up. Photo: David Levene

With Edward Snowden (centre) and reporter Ewen MacAskill in Moscow in July 2014..

In his office, with the Edward Snowden hard drive. Photo: Graeme Robertson

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder. An August 2014 photograph. Photo: John Stillwell/AP

In conversation with Alan Rusbridger, former Editor of The Guardian.
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