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Print edition : January 20, 2017

The full text of Shishir Gupta’s email, which was part of the documents accessed through an RTI application to the MHA, runs as follows:

“Mail from: Shishir Gupta

To: Hiren Joshi (OSD, IT to PM), Amit Shah

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 8: 15 AM

Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal is on course to abrogate all powers of the Centre in NCR with neither the Home Ministry nor the BJP MLAs/Pradesh unit doing anything to contest it.

The buzz in Delhi Govt is that BJP will do nothing to aggravate issues with Kejriwal due to its impact on forthcoming Bihar poll.

The following are example of violations by Kejriwal:

1) He wrote a letter to Delhi LG citing a 1998 order by then Deputy PM L.K. Advani that all files relating to police/public order/land should be routed to the CM. This has already started with Kejriwal interfering on who should be appointed as lawyers for prosecution in Delhi Police cases. He now wants recruitment of 60 police men to help anti-corruption bureau of Delhi Govt on his own.

2) He ordered a ban on any demolition in Delhi without mandatory approval of the LG.

3) Circular issued by Delhi Govt that Home and Legislative Departments that any file being sent to LG must be seen by the CM.

4) Ordering magisterial inquires without any powers.

5) Appointment of Chief Secretary directly with HM bypassing the LG despite instructions that all MHA interaction should be via LG.

6) Giving officiating charge to Chief Secretary of 1986 batch without any approval of LG.

7) Delhi Dialogue Commission started functioning before even the LG gave approval or was informed.

8) Suresh Kumar Jain appointed as OSD to Kejriwal without sanction of the MHA. He is an IRS officer of 1992 batch.

9) Threatening Central Ministers of rationing their water supply despite the fact that there is no 24-hour supply of water in entire Delhi since 1960s.”

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