Brutal crackdown

Print edition : February 17, 2017

The burning of the fish market at Nadukuppam has left the vendors, mostly women, inconsolable. Photo: ARUN SANKAR/AFP

Arson near Marina on January 23. Photo: L. Srinivasan

R. Thesamma, a resident of Nadukuppam, whose left hand was fractured when the police beat her. Photo: T.S. Subramanian

G. Sampath, a resident of Mattankuppam, shows the lathi that the police left behind at his home after assaulting his family. Photo: T.S. Subramanian

Gajalakshmi, G. Sampath's wife, who suffered a head injury. Photo: T.S. Subramanian

Professor A. Marx, who headed a fact-finding team that produced the first report on the police action. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

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