Shifting sands

Print edition : May 24, 2019

Misa Bharati, RJD candidate from Patliputra, along with mother Rabri Devi and brother Tej Pratap Yadav, arriving to file her nomination papers for the election, in Patna on April 25. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Syed Faisal Ali, RJD’s candidate from Sheohar. A journalist from Delhi, he is described as the Kanhaiya Kumar of Sheohar. Photo: Purnima S. Tripathi

The compound in Bikram near Patna where Multani Baba ki mazaar and a temple coexist. Muslims and Hindus here, who have lived in peace for years, sneer at the concept of Hindu nationalism. Photo: Purnima S. Tripathi

Caste calculations and the might of the mahagathbandhan outweigh the support for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance in the constituencies that go to the polls in the next phase.
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