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A court adrift

Print edition : May 03, 2013

The Supreme Court of India. Photo: S. Subramanium

January 28: 1950: A photograph taken on the occasion of the inaugural sitting of the Supreme Court of India. (Top row, from left): Justices S.R. Das, M.C. Mahajan, S. Fazl Ali, H.J. Kania, M. Patanjali Sastri and B.K. Mukherjea. (Bottom row): Chief Justices of the High Courts B. Malik, M.C. Chagla, P.V. Rajamannar, B. Ray, Thadani, Vivian Bose, Eric Watson, H.V. Divatia, Teja Singh, Meddappa, R.S. Naik, P.K. Kaul and Kunhiraman. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

The Supreme Court by and large remains popular. Yet, if one digs a bit, beneath the surface is an institution that has strayed from its mission and may even be undermining the rest of the judicial system.

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