Shakespeare today

Print edition : June 23, 2017

"Hamlet" teaches crisis management. Iago is a successful communicator, but Desdemona and Cordelia are ineffective in their communication.

Prospero in "The Tempest" is one who knows the limits and limitations of power.

"King Lear" is an example of an overconfident leader erring in his judgement.

The central theme of the Tamil poetic drama "Manonmaniyum" by P. Sundaram Pillai is varieties of love as in "Twelfth Night".

T.S. Eliot was influenced by Shakespeare. The theme of "horizontal and vertical spreading of guilt" united Harry in "The Family Reunion" with Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

Love is an important theme in both Eliot's "Cocktail Party" and Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".

"The Elder Statesman" is Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

The book also looks at the influence of Shakespeare's plays on Tamil cinema and drama. "Kanniyin Kathali" is an adaptation of "The Twelfth Night".

On the relevance of his plays to the modern world.
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