1. A book containing a story or a collection of stories intended for children, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  2. See Joya Chatterjee, The Spoils of Partition: Bengal and India, 1947-1967, 2007. In East Bengal’s population of 39 million, she says, there were 11 million Hindus, citing Radcliffe’s Award, which was based on the 1941 Census.
  3. Figure cited by Joya Chatterjee.
  4. There is documentary evidence, in government-sponsored and independent surveys, that bears out Ghosh’s explorations of the Hindu psyche in 1940s East Pakistan . Of particular interest in this context is a study, cited by Joya Chatterjee, of why refugees in a Nadia village left East Bengal: “Away from home: The movement and settlement of refugees from East Pakistan into West Bengal, India” by Tetsuya Nakatani in Journal of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies, Volume 2000, Issue 12.