Antidote to imperialism

Print edition : June 13, 2014

The Triumph of Politics: The Return of the Left in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, By George Philip and Francisco Panizza, Polity Press, Cambridge, Pages: 224, Price: £15.99

Comandante: Inside Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, By Rory Carroll, Cannongate, London, Pages: 302, Price: £20.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a 2010 picture. Behind him is a portrait of the 19th century Latin American hero Simon Bolivar. Inspired by Bolivar and Che Guevara, the leadership in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela struggled to create a society based on the ideology of the new South American Left. Photo: REUTERS

Two books that explore the rise of the Left in Latin America, especially in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.
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