Malayalam short story: Seedling

Print edition : October 11, 2019

Rekha Raj, who works with Amnesty International, is a Dalit feminist and human rights activist. Her essays have been published in Economic & Political Weekly, Mathrubhumi, Madhyamam and Pacchakkuthira.

M.R. Renukumar is a poet, painter and translator. He works in the State Audit Department in Kottayam. His most recent work is a biography of Ayyankali.

Abhirami Girija Sriram, who lives in Chennai, is an editor, translator and reviewer.

Njaru (2008) by Rekha Raj, translated by Abhirami Girija Sriram, from Don’t Want Caste: Malayalam Stories by Dalit Writers, edited by M.R. Renukumar, translated by Abhirami Girija Sriram and Ravi Shanker, Navayana, 2017.

Short story in Malayalam.
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