The Rebirth in Puri

Print edition : March 06, 2015

This millennium’s first Nabakalebara will culminate with the annual Rath Yatra Puri scheduled to be held on July 18 . Above, the three chariots of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra during last year's festival. Photo: PTI

The symbol of shankha, or conch, on the daru for Nabakalebara 1996. The daru, or the wood, to make the new Jagannath and other idols, has to be obtained from a neem tree that must be 7-12 cubit high and dark-coloured and has marks of shankha, chakra, gada (mace) and padma (lotus).

The symbol of chakra, or disc, on the daru for Nabakalebara 1996.

Odisha Tourism’s brand ambassador, the renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, working on a sand sculpture of Lord Jagannath at the Odisha Pavilion at The New York Times Travel Show in New York on January 25. Photo: PTI

Puri is getting ready to host over five million devotees and also a huge number of tourists during Nabakalebara, the life-force-infusing ritual in the Jagannath cult, in July.
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