Settlement of history

Print edition : January 10, 2014

Exploration in progress at Govardhanpur in the Sunderbans.

A designed knob from the early historical period, about 3 cm wide, found in Govardhanpur.

An artefact belonging to the early historical period, depicting a mother with child, found in Govardhanpur.

Terracotta figure of a deity, 7th century A.D.

Terracotta figure of a deity, belonging to the 7th century A.D.

Gupta art, dated 4th-5th century A.D.

A Gupta period coin from the 5th century A.D., Surendraganj.

A coin from Sasanka's reign in the 7th century A.D. preserved at the Surendraganj school.

A seal belonging to the 7th century A.D., Govardhanpur.

Semi-precious stone beads (quartz, agate, carnelian, chalcedony and lapis lazuli), Govardhanpur.

Potsherds with design, Govardhanpur.

A terracotta seal presumed to be from around 1st century A.D., Govardhanpur.

A cast copper coin, Govardhanpur.

Govardhanpur. The region is fluvially active, which makes extensive archaeological projects difficult to carry out.

Bricks from the Sunga-Kusana period found in Govardhanpur.

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